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Rotary Mowers

With a BOB-CAT ® rotary mower you can be assured that you have a machine that provides the best durability of cut and durability. BOB-CAT® mowers are engineered with user-friendly maintenance and operation in mind.

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BOBCAT Classic Pro Mid-Sized Walk-Behind (Hydro Drive with Float Deck)

All decked out and ready to mow, the new BOB-CAT® Float Deck Hydro Walk-Behind features a true float style DuraDeck™. Similar to the design of our zero-turn mower decks, it follows the contours of hilly and undulating terrain without scalping.

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BOBCAT Predator PRO Zero Turn Mower

£74.00£15,225.00 + VAT

With improved maintenance access, discharge chute and ride comfort, the Predator-Pro from Bob-Cat is a great Zero-Turn commercial mower and still benefits from high power and manoeuvrability.

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BOBCAT ProCat Zero Turn Mower

£74.00£10,605.00 + VAT

With reliable, high-performance Kawasaki engines and designed with operator comfort in mind, the ProCat range from Bob-Cat not only provides fantastic cutting results, but comfortable and efficient operation.

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BOBCAT XRZ Zero Turn Mower

£74.00£7,507.00 + VAT

Professional quality & premium performance. Ideal for both professional users and homeowners who want to mow like them, the Bob-Cat XRZ range gives superb durability, cutting results and comfort. Top performance with Kawasaki power

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