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Two Wheel Tractors

A complete range of two wheel tractors from Ferrari. These machines are built to the highest European standards, designed to be safe for anyone using them. You can be assured that these machines are always built using the most up to date design.

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Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 515L with Honda GP160

£1,590.00 + VAT

The Ferrari 515 L Grifon have a gearbox with 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds and a quick reverser to change the forwarding direction.

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Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 328 Honda GP160/GX200

£1,890.00£2,180.00 + VAT

The 328 is a simple, basic machine like the 310 but has the benefit of extra gears and a larger engine. The 328 has no differential so both wheels are permanently locked together. This model is the ideal choice for users who require a well specified machine at an economical price.

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Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 338

£2,690.00£3,980.00 + VAT

The Ferrari 338 has the same transmission as the 328 but has the benefit of a differential in the axle. This means that the 2 wheels are not locked together so the machine is easier to manoeuvre. Should maximum traction be required, for example when ploughing, the differential can be locked using a lever on the handlebars.

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Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 340

£3,200.00£4,350.00 + VAT

The 340 is the largest in the Ferrari 300 series range. It has ample gears so the correct speed can always be found for the job. A reinforced transmission allows fitting of a wide range of heavy duty attachments, making the 340 a true multi-purpose power unit. The 340 is ideal for landscaping and ground […]

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